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Delaware Mathematics Coalition
Building Local & State Level Math Leadership Capacity 

“I have found a community that truly connects critical mathematics education research to concrete practice. We reflect on content in a way that deepens my own understanding and connections of important mathematical ideas, discuss pedagogical moves that we can use to encourage student thinking and agency within our classrooms, and focus on how we can become better teacher leaders in our building.”  (TRU-Math Participant: RBS, 2017)

As a community, the Delaware Mathematics Coalition (DMC) is committed to creating more powerful and robust mathematics teaching and learning environments in Delaware classrooms. As an alliance of partners, DMC members continually plan for ways to share resources, provide sustained learning opportunities for their teachers, coaches and administrators, and collectively build local and state mathematics leadership capacity. Across the years, the DMC has developed a successful model of professional learning and extended support grounded in research and focused on increasing participants’ content and pedagogical knowledge and skills (Horizon, RBS). Our investment in building mathematics leadership capacity spans a decade of in-depth study that has culminated in a proven cycle of inquiry and reflection involving content-focused coaching. The use of protocols developed in collaboration with our higher education and evaluation partners further enhances and sharpens our efforts to promote more conceptually-grounded teaching, mathematical sense making, representations-based argumentation, and student agency in Delaware classrooms.

The DMC professional development team is comprised of a strong cadre of highly respect professional development experts, thought partners, and coaches with a history of success as mathematics leaders in the state. They have invested years building relationships with district partners and served as mathematics supervisors, coaches, assessment writers, district specialists, project leads, and recognized teacher leaders. To learn more about DMC partnership efforts, please contact DMC Executive Director Dr. Jamila Riser (

Math Equity Conference: April 13, 2019

Featured presenters include NCTM President Robert Berry, Francis Su (Harry Mudd College), UD Math Educators Mandy Jansen and Erica Litke, and teacher leaders from DE partnership schools.

Registration in now open:

Join the Delaware Mathematics Coalition community as we grapple with challenges of access and equity in mathematics.

Facilitators/presenters will engage our community in a range of important topics related to issues of equity and access in mathematics. Sessions include offerings specifically for elementary, secondary/post-secondary, and general audience members. Topics include: Status, Student Agency, the Opportunity Myth, Tracking, Shifting the Mathematical Authority, Rights of the Learner, Re-Humanizing the Mathematics Classroom, Using Technology to Level the Playing Field, Instructional Routines as a Vehicle for Building Student Access, Confidence, & Competence, Mathematics for Human Flourishing, Catalyzing Change at a Systems Level, Revisionist Strategies, Acceleration, and other areas of vital interest to our community. Math Equity Flyer/Registration Form (April 2019)
An electronic agenda with a complete list of the conference sessions and descriptions will be e-mailed to registered participants soon! For more information, e-mail Dr. Jamila Riser,

Delaware Council of Mathematics Leaders Host Triple Crown Conference: May 18, 2019

Join the Delaware Mathematics Coalition’s new National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) affiliate DCML as we host our first conference. The conference will be held on May 18th, 2019 at Delaware State University’s Bank of America Building. To register for the event, please visit

DCML Triple Crown Conference Flyer (May 18th)