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Past, Present, & Future Events

TRU-Math Project Welcomes Dr. Erin Miekle
Using Learning Goals to Inform Instruction

On May 12th, the Delaware Mathematics Coalition welcomed Assistant Professor Dr. Erin Meikle (University of Pittsburgh) to engage our TRU-Math Project community in a presentation focused on Using Learning Goals to Inform Instruction. The session supported elementary and secondary teachers, coaches, and administrators in considering how to more purposefully select (and sequence) students’ strategies/work in order to promote connections related to the learning goal(s) for the identified lesson.

Dr. Meikle’s presentation builds upon on the work the TRU-Math community has been engaging in during the 2016-2017 school year. Participants in the project have been focused on implementing classroom lessons that are grounded in conceptual understanding. A meta-analysis of the research related to teaching for conceptual understanding identified two key teaching principles necessary for promoting conceptual understanding. According to the research, in order to develop conceptual understanding students must grapple with important mathematical concepts and key ideas and connections related to the day’s learning goal must be made explicit (Hiebert & Grouws, 2007). Dr. Meikle’s presentation provided the space for participants to deepen their insights about ways to more effectively target and orchestrate student understanding, particularly with respect to promoting progress with respect to the identified learning goal for the conceptually-based lesson. 

During year two of the TRU-Math Project, the community will:

-continue to focus on the two key teaching principles for planning and implementing conceptually-grounded lessons;
-delve deeper into defining and refining the learning goals for identified lessons;
-Plan and rehearse targeted discussions they would support in their classrooms; and
-engage in video analysis and provide feedback that focuses on maximizing students’ opportunities to learn.

The TRU-Math Project is funded in part by a Math Science Partnership grant administered by the Delaware Department of Education.



DMC Launches Advocacy & Outreach Efforts
Putting Equity Principles into Action Math Conference
Helping Every Student Reach Her or His STEM Potential
Martin Luther King Center, Delaware State University

On March 11th, the Delaware Mathematics Coalition (DMC) launched the organization’s Advocacy & Outreach efforts with a Math Equity Conference focused on Putting Equity Principles into Action. The conference was sponsored by the DMC and partners at Delaware State University’s Center for Teaching & Learning and the Cyber Infused Mathematics Initiative (CIMI). The featured keynote for the conference was past NCTM President, author, and leader of reform in mathematics equity Dr. Cathy Seeley.
The conference provided K-20 educators, STEM-focused business partners, Department of Education leaders, parents, and students with opportunities to participate in meaningful sessions related to promoting more equitable conditions in mathematics classrooms.

The event was followed by a Math Equity Summit engaging a small group of thought leaders from the Delaware Mathematics Coalition (DMC) Leadership Team, the Delaware Foundation for Science and Math Education, DuPont, the STEM Council, the Delaware Department of Education, and mathematics educators from local institutes of higher education. The event marks the launch of the DMC’s outreach and advocacy efforts and supports the organization’s goal of broadening their reach and positively influencing the direction of equity conversations related to mathematics and STEM in the state.

Delaware’s Secretary of Education Dr. Susan Bunting helped supporters launch the Summit by sharing a few words about her past, present, and future vision for promoting meaningful inquiry-based mathematics learning opportunities for every student in every classroom in the state. As part of the evening’s program, organization leaders focused on ways to promote greater synergy regarding STEM-centric learning in our state. DMC leaders would like to thank the Delaware Foundation for Science and Mathematics Education and the DuPont Company for their generous support of their work and the funding for the event. For more information about the Delaware Mathematics Coalition’s Advocacy & Outreach efforts, please contact Dr. Jamila Riser (


Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching Ceremony

paemstThe Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching is highest honor bestowed to a K-12 mathematics or science educator in the United States. Congratulations to Kristin Gray (Cape Henlopen) Kimberly Simmons (Capital), John Scali (MOT Charter) & Robin Corrozi (Cape Henlopen) for being selected as Delaware’s 2014 & 2015 PAEMST awardees. The teachers were recognized at the PAEMST Awards Ceremony held on Thursday December 1, 2016 at Delaware State University’s Martin Luther King Center.




Also honored at this year’s dinner were the finalists for the 2016 PAEMST Award. They include Brandy Cooper (Milford), Christa Ferdig (Indian River), Leona Williams (Brandywine), & Wendy Turner (Brandywine).