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Delaware Mathematics Coalition Becomes NCSM Affiliate

The Delaware Mathematics Coalition is officially launching its National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) affiliate group, the Delaware Council of Math Leaders (DCML). DCML promotes the vision and mission of the organization by enhancing and extending the mathematics leadership capacity of Delaware teachers, coaches, specialists, administrators, higher education educators, and other STEM leaders in the state.

DCML is hosting it’s first event at the Exodus Escape Room in Newark, DE. When: Friday October 6th (5:00 p.m.) Where: 280 E. Main Street Newark, DE. Please register for the event and bring $20 with you to participate in the team building and problem solving fun!

TRU-Math Academy Participants Inspire Curiosity and Mathematical Intrigue: Promoting Conceptually-Based Reasoning & Mathematical Argumentation

Members of the TRU-Math Elementary Math Teacher Leader (EMTL) community invested the four days applying their understanding of whole numbers to operations with fractions. The work was inspired by content from Sherry Parrish’s new book Number Talks: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents as well as the community’s ongoing focus on the use of routines that promote access, reasoning, and student agency.

Teacher leaders and coaches in TRU-Math Project Leadership Coaching Lab Academy community also focused on the theme, Inspiring Curiosity and Mathematical Intrigue: Promoting Conceptually-Based Reasoning & Mathematical Argumentation.  Participants invested the four days applying the two research principles related to teaching for conceptual understanding, engaging in representation-based argumentation, and analyzing video with a focus on leveraging students’ opportunities to learn. University of Delaware thought partners Dawn Berk and James Hiebert engaged TRU-Math participants in a deeper examination of Nicole Kersting’s video analysis research findings. Participants During year two of the project, the community will continue to invest time sharing and analyzing classroom video, particularly with respect to promoting conceptually-grounded goals and identifying critical moments in the lesson. READ MORE

New Normal PBL Academy Participants Promote the Right of Learners & A Deep Understanding of Trigonometry Concepts

Problem-based learning enthusiasts from secondary and post-secondary institutions invested three days during the summer focusing on promoting the rights of learners, supporting productive grappling and problem solving through explicit use of rough draft talk, utilizing routines that promote mathematical reasoning (e.g., Contemplate then Calculate), and strengthening their conceptual understanding and capacity to teach important ideas related to a trigonometric progression.

Academy facilitators included University of Delaware Professor Dr. Amanda (Mandy) Jansen, Appoquinimink Mathematics Specialist Michael Reitemeyer, and experienced teacher leaders of problem-based learning Teddie Psitos (Strathhaven PA), Thomas Becker (MOT Charter High School), & Robin Corrozi (Cape Henlopen High School). READ MORE