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Past, Present, & Future Events

TRU-Math Equity Conference: December 10, 2016 Featured Keynote: University of California Berkeley Mathematician, Author, and Leader of Mathematics Reform Alan Schoenfeld

On December 10, 2016, the Delaware Mathematics Coalition (DMC) Community welcomes internationally known leader of mathematics reform Dr. Alan Schoenfeld. Dr Schoenfeld will be the featured keynote for the TRU-Math Equity Conference. The conference supports K-20 mathematics and science instructors, coaches, administrators, and other community members in understanding the five essential components for creating robust mathematics (and science) learning environments.

Dr. Schoenfeld has authored, co-authored, and served as editor for over 200 publications including the groundbreaking book Mathematical Problem Solving (1985), served as a lead for the Balanced Assessment Project and the mathematics content specifications for the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, was one of the key leaders of the NSF-sponsored Diversity in Mathematics Education (DiME) Project, and a recipient of the Felix Klein Medal for Lifetime Achievement from the International Commission on Mathematics Instruction. This award is the highest international distinction for mathematics education. To register for the event, please visit the following link: TRU-Math Equity Conference Registration DMC Member Registration: $50/person or Teams of 8 for $300; Non-Members: $75/person


Design Thinking, Empathy & Equity

“Design Thinking has the unique power to leverage the intersection of equity and innovation through deeper learning and empathy.”

Thilogo-teaching-channel1s Teaching Channel blog post by Jennifer Pieratt provides insights regarding how the use of design thinking and explicitly teaching empathy creates more equitable learning environments.


Exploring Ways to Promote Teacher Reflection & Grown

Thilogo-teaching-channel1s Teaching Channel video features some interesting ways to promote teacher growth and reflection. The clip includes the use of rubrics, using video to support virtual coaching, enhanced real-time coaching, and student surveys.
Multiple Measures of Improving Teaching


Scenes from the Film “Race to Nowhere”

Narrated by Dr. Alan Schoenfeld, Race to Nowhere is a documentary featuring Stanford professor Jo Boaler and civil rights leader Robert Moses.

“The film examines how our traditional approach to math education favors rote performance over problem-solving and imitation over creativity–even among high-achieving students” (Youcubed: