TRU-Math Leadership Coaching Lab

The promise of the Leadership Coaching Lab is to build a robust mathematics community in which the role of teacher collaboration around classroom instruction is public and itself the focus of study among colleagues. We emphasize the powerful potential activated by teacher leaders, coaches, and math specialists engaging with colleagues to:

– plan for problem-based instruction;

– promote mathematically intense planning and teaching conversations;

– use protocols for analyzing classroom videos;

– practice relational skills to build a school culture of collaboration;

– study research on mathematics practices that improve student learning; and

– interact around student learning in ways that are evidence-based, collegial, and non-defensive in nature.

Resources to Support Teacher Leaders & Coaches
NCSM Coaching Corner: NSCM’s Coaching Corner provides coaches, specialists, teacher leaders, and administrators with a range of resources to support their coaching efforts.
This website is supported by the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession. The site includes links to content and tools related to teacher leadership development. One such tool that may be of particular interest to the community is the Teacher Leadership Skills Framework.
Metamorphosis: Metamorphosis Teaching and Learning Communities was founded by Lucy West, a leader in the world of coaching mathematics and managing systems to support mathematics reform. Lucy is the lead author of Content-Focused Coaching: Transforming Mathematics Lessons and Agents of Change.
The Mathematics Education Collaborative was founded by Ruth Parker. Ruth is a leader in mathematics reform, co-author of Making Number Talks Matters as well as a host of resources and tools for supporting parents and the community.
Teacher Development Group provides resources for leaders of mathematics. The site includes a link to their annual Leadership Seminar. The impressive list of speakers for this seminar includes Amanda Jansen, Virginia Bastable, Michael Flynn, Elham Kazemi, Linda Cooper Foreman, Hilda Borko, Susan Jo Russell, Debra Schifter, Linda Levi, and many other leaders in mathematics research and educational reform.
Elena Aguilar’s Coaching Blog: Education Week includes a monthly blog post by educational leader Elena Aguilar, the author of the The Art of Coaching and The Art of Coaching Teams.

Agendas & Artifacts from Monthly Meetings

September 29th Agenda & Artifacts

October 13th Agenda & Artifacts