Delaware Council of Math Leaders (DMC NCSM Affiliate)

The Delaware Mathematics Coalition is an affiliate of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM). NCSM is a national network of mathematics leaders who: Act with a commitment to equity; Design quality learning events; Develop position statements; Honor outstanding leaders; Influence math education policy; Network with math education leaders; Facilitate effective leadership; Publish newsletters and journals; Recognize outstanding students; Share resources and research; Support student success; and Work for equity, access, and success for all students (NCSM Website, 2017).

Our affiliate, the Delaware Council of Math Leaders (DCML), expands the network of local leaders who promote the mission and vision of the organization. DCML enhances and extends statewide mathematics leadership opportunities by connecting teachers, coaches, specialists, supervisors, higher ed folks, and other STEM leaders to the broader group of mathematics educators in the country. For information regarding leadership opportunities, and membership benefits, download our mission and vision document. 

DCML Mission & Vision Statements; DCML Membership Benefits

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Join us on May 18th, 2019 for the Delaware Council of Math Leaders’ (DCML) first annual conference. Speakers include Jennifer Lempp, University of Delaware Mathematics Educator Dr. Mandy Jansen, UD PDCE Team Members, and highly regarded teachers and coaches from Delaware schools. To register, visit For more details, contact. Crystal Lancour [].