New Normal Problem-Based Learning

Fostering New Norms for Teaching and Learning in Secondary & Post-Secondary Mathematics Classrooms

Led by experienced mathematics professional developers and teachers with expertise in problem-based learning, the New Normal professional development program supports the evolving content and pedagogical needs of the problem-based enthusiasts in secondary schools and institutions of higher education.

New Normal is focused on the use of evidence-based high leverage practices and a progression of purposefully sequenced conceptually-grounded lessons targeting content that research has suggested have been gatekeepers for success at the secondary and post-secondary levels. Each summer, New Normal PBL Academy participants engage in rich mathematics learning experiences that:

  • promote a common vision for what problem-based, student thinking centered mathematics classrooms look like, feel like, and sound like;
  • develop both the skills and disposition to promote highly engaging conceptually-grounded Common Core inspired lessons in their classrooms;
  • build local and state level leadership capacity through engagement in job-embedded face-to-face and on-line professional learning (action research); and
  • provide opportunities for teachers, coaches, and administrators to individually and collectively pursue a stance of inquiry, reflection, and ongoing learning regarding their efforts to support deeper and more enduring mathematics learning environments in their schools.