Interactive Tools & Mathematics Support Sites

Shodor Interactivate Lessons Site
The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Spotting Numbers Problems (Interactive Patterns Site)
Smartboard Lessons, Tutorials, Etc.
E-Examples from NCTM Principles & Standards for School Mathematics
Geogebra (Free Dynamic Software)
Google SketchUP (3-D Modeling Program)
CPMP Tools (Dynamic Software)
NRICH Enriching Mathematics Site

NRICH  contains links to a wide range of rich mathematics tasks for all learners (children and adults). According to the NRICH team, the free enrichment materials are intended to provide opportunities for RICH, challenging, and engaging mathematics experiences for students, parents, and teachers on a daily basis.

Visual Patterns

This website includes hundreds of visual patterns for students to study, extend, and generalize.